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Surrender, change of viewpoint.

Suspension, study, the human form.

Samadhi - absorption into the infinite through meditation


Neptune's placement at birth influences the person's connection to the superconscious, to their generational position.

Neptune shapes how a person will identify with their peers, how their spiritual love will develop. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Afflictions to Neptune create delusions, obsessions, psychoses, addictions, being an outcast, a two-dimensional person.

Troublesome Neptune transits can lend a dreamlike quality to life, lack of focus, confusion and ambiguity. Good transits can be "Dreams Come True," flashes of insight, and inspirational dreams or encounters.

Neptune takes 164.8 years to complete its orbit through the zodiac.

Neptune moves so slowly, that its house placement is considered of more vital importance.

Neptune is Exalted in Cancer, and Rules Pisces. Neptune's detriment is Virgo and its fall is Capricorn.

The Sepher associated with Neptune is Kochma.

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