The Second Path

Oceanic Consciousness / Wisdom / Revelation / Light / Memory

Kochma's planet is Neptune.

Kochma is the realm of the third eye, deepest meditation, ultimate benevolence, masterful creativity.

Kochma is Wisdom. It is also known of as "Ab-" the "Father."

KOCHMA, or "Oceanic Consciousness," is the second sphere after the abyss; It is the midst of the spiritual realm, on the same level as BINAH, balancing the highest energies in readiness for KETER.

The Realm of the Trans-Personal

Kochma, forming a triad with Binah and Keter, balances three forces: Spiritual love and awareness (Binah), Spiritual will and purpose (Kochma), and the infinite realized self (Keter). These three spheres could be compared to the 'Father, Son, and Holy Ghost' in the Christian pantheon.

Kochma is the wisdom beyond reason. Spiritual leaders and people who inspire us can embody this quality.

Potentials of Kochma: Developing purpose and initiative, manifesting the universal plan in the world, genius, logos, pure spirit, transformation.

Kochma is the first real manifestation of en soph, containing the ideal plan of all the worlds.

Kochma is pure, undifferentiated mind, before words - the tools of differentiation. With words come the "olam ha pirud," the "world of distinctions."

Who is wise? The one who learns from everyone they meet.

The Talmud

The person who operates from Kochma can even learn from evil. Only on the lower levels, starting with Binah, where words and language begin, does differentiation between good and evil occur.

Balance, always a core concept in Qabala, manifests itself in the transpersonal triad as a synthesis of our highest thinking, feeling and awareness.

Transpersonal Triad "colors" are light, the absence of light (dark), and half-light.

The fragrance ascribed to Kochma is Musk. The characters associated with Kochma are Poseidon, and Neptune.

Commandment: Do not worship idols.

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