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Saturn's placement at birth influences the person's work in life, their obstacles, the challenges that will test them and build character.


Saturn shows how a person will mature, and how they will learn to cope with adversity. Saturn teaches transformation, and initiation. Saturn's rewards are the sweetest, for they are the hardest won. Afflictions to Saturn can create inhibition, timidity, cruelty, violence, melancholy, a knack for trouble, bad work situations, abuse of power, or resentment.


Saturn, and the earth signs it rules, are the arbiters of the highest initiation. Christ, Buddha, and the Virgin Mary are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, respectively, in our mythic systems. Initiation is earned, and only when the aspirant can use higher consciousness in the Real World is the initiation authentic.


Saturn is associated with the "Ring Pass Not" - a term normally used when referring to the orb of energetic influence of a planet or body, and can also be applied to other forms of life. The ring-pass-not is the combination of the different energy sheaths that human or cosmic spirits gather around themselves.

"A profoundly mystical and suggestive term signifying the circle or bounds or frontiers within which is contained the consciousness of those who are still under the sway of the delusion of separateness -- and this applies whether the ring be large or small. It does not signify any one especial occasion or condition, but is a general term applicable to any state in which an entity, having reached a certain stage of evolutionary growth of the unfolding of consciousness, finds itself unable to pass into a still higher state because of some delusion under which the consciousness is laboring, be that delusion mental or spiritual." (From The Occult Glossary).

Saturn is the boundary between the inner or "personal" planets, and the outer, "impersonal" planets. The inner planets are about refining our responses, and relating with other people; the outer planets are things beyond our conscious control, and our reactions to them.

We work on the inner planets in the first half of our lives, and the outer in the second. Of course the inner planet work is a crucial foundation for the later life work.

Saturn's connection to 'The World,' Key 21, and earthiness, is symbolic of its hard reality. The square and the cross are associated with matter; while we live on this earth, we are like spirits caught in amber, or nailed to a cross. Spirit, coping with material existence, is forced into transformation, and growth.

Saturn's tests, when worked on sincerely, provide the sweetest rewards. Incremental progress, a Saturnian hallmark, is also an attribute of spiritual growth.

There is an additional discussion of Saturn on the Glyphs page in the left frame.

Saturn is Exalted in Libra, and Rules Capricorn. Saturn's detriment is Cancer/Leo and its fall is Aries.

The Sepher associated with Saturn is Binah.

Saturn's higher octave is Pluto.

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