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Hebrew words in the Roman alphabet

Hebrew letters do not correspond exactly to the letters you're reading right now - the Roman alphabet. All of the various ways of spelling Qabala are transliterations, renderings in our letters of a completely different spelling system. The letters "Quf," "Bet," "Lamed," "Heh," could be spelled many ways with our letters - it makes no difference. Qabala, Kabballah, Kaballah, Kabbalah, Cabala, Cabbalah, Caballa - are all ways to spell it - and they all refer to the same thing. No one has a monopoly on any of the ways of spelling the word, and because of its antiquity it is undisputably in the Public Domain.

For more about the origins of the Kabbalistic tradition, its various interpretations, and more, read this.

Tarot and Kabbalah? The connection of the 22 'Major Trumps' of Tarot to Qabala is controversial. It was first concieved by Eliphas Levi, in the nineteenth century, and is definitely a non-Jewish phenomenon. The cards were originally used for games, and the adoption of the images by Qabalists is similar to psychologists' use of Rorschach ink blots to evoke subtle thought forms. As mnemonic devices, Tarot images are optimal. Card designers have encoded vast amounts of information into their artwork that deepens the meaning for each concept being represented.

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