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September 23rd to October 23rd.

Ruled by Venus.

I balance.

Diplomat or yes person.

Cardinal Air. Thinking, communication, relationships, intellect, intuition, all concerns of air, balance in Libra, into the diplomat, the harmonizer, the leveler. Libra is the turning season, when the child-like glare of summer is forgotten and the world of adults takes precedence. Libra influences in the chart (Seventh house, or planets in Libra) create an emphasis on relationships. This can manifest as deep friendship, happy marriage, and harmonious community.

Libra (in its purest essence) is cheerful, articulate, brings people together, enhances teamwork. Libra can also be two-faced, wishy-washy, and passive-aggressive. A Libra can deliver the most dire, horrible news, and it still sounds pleasant. Libra can sell ice cubes to Eskimos.

Libra can be "full of hot air," building castles in the sky that never materialize. This kind of visualization is of vital importance in the manifestation process, but like anything else, becomes a problem when there's too much of it.

Domains of Libra are anything dealing with people, learning, the arts, music, culture.

Libra, ruled by Venus, is always striving for beauty and harmony. Libra will sacrifice a lot just to keep things pleasant. Libra can also bring war, when Mars comes into play.

Libra is the peacemaker, and checks their own ideas with others to balance their thoughts. The Libra instinctively stimulates and urges others to express their own opinions.

Libra, when active in the chart, gives the benefit of the doubt, and can be elegant, lenient, reassuring, helpful, intuitive, philosophical, creative, full of ideas, a comedian, theatrical, artistic, and well mannered.

Unfavorable Libra aspects in the chart can bring imbalance, weak will, denial, avoidance of responsibility, insincerity, manipulativeness, deviousness, poor financial judgement, inability to make decisions, lacking in direction, careless, a moocher, over agreeability, airheadedness, fickleness, or gullibility.

Lessons for Libra include being true to self, not always trying to say what the other person wants to hear, sticking with decisions, facing responsibilty, not deceiving themselves.

Libra rules the kidneys.

For Libra, the Shadow takes the form of Other's unjust attacks or mistreatment. Being pushed around is the result of repressed anger concealed by niceness; Other acts out your aggression for you. Work with your shadow, and the people you project it onto, by getting off the fence, stating your case, and being prepared for conflict, if need be, to reach a resolution. The more you deny your Shadow, the more it will manifest itself and attract what you will interpret as disruption or pain.

The Seventh house has the character of Libra: planets in this house are concerned with Relationship; leaving the self-obsessed lower hemisphere and the recognition of the other person, cooperation, and open adversaries. This is the house of marriage, of love, soul mates, and intimacy.

Kandariya Visvanatha Mahadeva Temple - India

Kandariya Visvanatha Mahadeva Temple - India
The Temple of Love

Libra is the Fall Equinox, when longer nights take precedence. In the chart wheel, this is where the soul leaves the self (Aries) dominated lower hemisphere and enters the community dominated upper hemisphere. This is the adult/cosmic marriage.

Libra is symbolized by Lady Justice; a woman holding scales.

The air triplicity is Libra (cardinal) followed by Aquarius (fixed), and then Gemini (mutable).

In the natural order of the signs, Libra is air, preceded by Virgo (earth), and followed by Scorpio (water).

The opposite axis, or antidote to Libra, is Aries.

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