Strength to balance mercy and severity.

Kundalini - Power of Grace

"The central mountain is everywhere"
Chief Black Elk

Celtic Lion


July 22nd to August 22nd.

Ruled by the Sun.

I will.

Showman or show-off.

Fixed Fire. Inventiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, and courage, all characteristics of fire, peak in Leo, in its sun-like perfection. Leo is the height of summer, the bloom of the rose, the King-like grace of dominion. Leo influences in the chart (Fifth house, or planets in Leo) create an emphasis on realized potential. This can manifest as resounding success, and a warmth of heart in the face of any obstacle. "It's good to be king."


Leo, when active in the chart, is stable, dynamic, dependable, assured, motivated, confident, inventive, tactful, a leader, inspired, optimistic, dignified, has self-respect, integrity, honesty, honor, is regal, ambitious, brave, takes command, charming, repels negativity, intelligent, independent, frank, has stamina, loves praise, vital, vigorous, generous, affectionate, inspiring, helpful, responsible, works well with an audience, trustworthy, good memory, good planner and organizer, self reliant, thinks big, persuasive, wins through seduction rather than combat, progressive, enthusiastic, philanthropic, hard working, generous in praise, talented, well mannered, intuitive righteousness, idealistic, ethical, dependable, trustworthy, focused, persistent, and self sufficient.


Unfavorable Leo can be overbearing, tyrannical, pompous, arrogant, bossy, grabs the spotlight, egotistical, hot tempered, impatient, ignores advice, stubborn, dominating, power hungry, a know-it-all, vain, self-centered, dogmatic, dictatorial, irritable, easily offended or angered, a social climber, impatient, conceited, argumentative, falls in love too fast, adversarial, reckless, unable to be quiet, uncooperative, takes on too much responsibility, depressed, lonely, or self-isolating.

Rampant Lion

"Leo rules by divine right and Capricorn by delegated authority."

Big Electric Cat

Domains of Leo are leadership, business, family, community, and theater, anything needing initiative, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Leo is symbolized by a lion, a straightforward and clear metaphor, befitting the clarity of its sign. It is the fire in the heart of the sun, or a furnace. Leo, if unafflicted, is always dignified. When afflicted, Leo's ills are the most heartbreaking to watch, as Leo is always in the spotlight, good or bad. But even when dethroned, Leo maintains its dignity. Leo's sense of honor and loyalty is very strong, and Leo knows how to protect the dignity of others, and is naturally respectful, on top of being on top...

The Cowardly Lion

Lessons for Leo include learning to delegate authority, not trying to do it all, learning to serve a higher purpose.

Leo rules the heart, back, and spine.

For Leo, the Shadow takes the form of Other's being unfashionable, vulgar, or "Part of the Mob," while pretending to be more. You fear being accused of this yourself, and can overcompensate by putting on airs. Work with your shadow, and the people you project it onto, by getting off your throne, and being the "One of Us" kind of King. The more you deny your Shadow, the more it will manifest itself and attract what you will interpret as disruption or pain.

The Fifth house has the character of Leo: planets in this house are concerned with Actualization; the realm of what a person creates, one's 'children,' one's 'place in the sun,' self-expression, speculation, love affairs. This house shows the use of will and love force. The fifth house begins the 'cult of personality' trend of the second four signs.

The fire triplicity is Leo (fixed), followed by Sagittarius (mutable), and then Aries (cardinal).

In the natural order of the signs, Leo is fire, preceded by Cancer (water), and followed by Virgo (earth).

The opposite axis, or antidote to Leo, is Aquarius.

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